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•   Patricia Ann (Pat) Spencer (Seyb)  2/22
•   Tommy Reed  7/31
•   Vicki Smith (Weissmann)  7/19
•   Pat Hawkins  2/17
•   Carolyn Blancett Bland  1/19
•   Kay Taylor (Taylor)  3/9
•   Jan Porter (Harrington)  3/26
•   Keith Rhone  2/25
•   Newell Cheatheam  1/30
•   James Bavouset  12/20
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

5 live in Alabama
3 live in Arizona
4 live in Arkansas
18 live in California
5 live in Colorado
3 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
2 live in Illinois
1 lives in Iowa
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Kentucky
5 live in Louisiana
1 lives in Maine
1 lives in Maryland
1 lives in Michigan
1 lives in Mississippi
2 live in Missouri
1 lives in Nevada
4 live in New Mexico
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
10 live in Oklahoma
3 live in Oregon
2 live in South Carolina
5 live in Tennessee
268 live in Texas
1 lives in Washington
3 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Germany
36 location unknown
98 are deceased


•   Katie Humphrey (Mason)  4/2
•   Ken Reed  4/2
•   Ralph Swatzell  4/2
•   Jean Greeling (Sanders)  4/9
•   Carolyn Blancett Bland  4/12
•   Patricia Cernosek (Farris)  4/12
•   Ricky Holder  4/19
•   Paula Hays (Lively)  4/22
•   Paul Schoonover  4/27


Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 47.0%

A:   187   Joined
B:   211   Not Joined


The Reunion of a Lifetime are the words from Genny Lee when describing our get-together last weekend! What a great time we had! “Oh, What A Night!”…two that is! Thanks so much to everyone who made the trip, some VERY long ones from California, Maine, Oregon, and Florida!

If you missed it, we missed you! We have extra directories for those of you who were not able to attend. Please email to let her know to reserve a directory for you and please send $10 to Janice Raggio, 3841 Normandy, Dallas, TX 75205. We want to extend the website for five more years. If we can sell the 20 directories we have left, that will give us the additional $200 we need to keep our website up and running.

THANK YOU Larry Flournoy for spearheading the effort to get contributions to help get us out of the red. We had some very generous donations, and we really appreciate it! Thanks also to everyone who bought a poster! With your purchases, we were able to get our money back on those!

Janice and I really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm! This was a 1 ½ year venture. Trying to locate people was an endless effort. Two months ago, Janice and I agreed to just give up because it was too exasperating and we really needed to focus all of our attention and energy in getting the reunion organized. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please take another look at the “Really Missing” on the website. Also, please look at your directories for any inaccuracies. If you know the whereabouts and the correct information about anyone in our class, PLEASE let us know! We just added Ronnie Calloway and Kay Mascari to the list of our deceased coyotes. Please keep us informed when you become aware of any more changes!

We have so MANY people to thank and it is impossible to mention everyone. On Saturday night, Janice thanked our WF contingencies – Cathy Castledine, Donna Wood, and Joe Huff.  For helping with registration, we want to give a big shout-out to Don Hughes, who worked tirelessly both nights and to Virginia Humphries,  Cathy Castledine, and Marnee Corbin for helping on Friday night! For helping with setup on Saturday,  thanks to Lana Moore, Cathy Castledine, Joe Huff, Donna Wood, Don Hughes, Marnee Corbin & her wonderful husband (you lucky girl!)!

THANK YOU PAUL SCHOONOVER, BILL STEWART, DICKIE WINEINGER, and RICK CHAVIERS (’66) for your talent and tireless energy in entertaining us with such great music!!!! You really helped create our Reunion of a Lifetime!

Speaking of tireless energy… Robert Flatt!!!! Words cannot express how valuable your contributions of art mean to our reunion! Robert created the blood moon logo with the coyote which was used on the Rapper Robert t-shirts! He very generously donated several plaques which we distributed as prizes Saturday night! His very clever rap song was a HUGE hit in spite of the poor performance of his back-up singers! Sorry Janice, Robert Edwards, Lana Moore, Jimmy Rhodes, and Joe Huff…I share in your failure for sure, (hehe), but we tried! We can only go “Onward and Upward” from that moment!

Thank you Jimmy Rhodes for making the Rapper Robert t-shirts and GIVING them to us!!! There are two left (M, XL) if anyone is interested in purchasing for $20. We will give the money to Jimmy! The colors are perfect for Halloween! I wore mine to the grocery store yesterday and the handsome, young guy in front of me asked if it was a band t-shirt! He said “Cool” when I replied “Yes”!

Heaven-sent thanks to Chester Hodges for the artwork of his we used in the directory and the photo booth logo! He was such a great artist and is missed!

Thank you Lana, Robert, and Murphy for sharing your cheerleading paraphernalia with us! You are still great examples! Thank you Robert for the gorgeous yellow roses!!! Mine are still alive and well!!!

We could not have found many of our classmates without the diligent work of Gloria Rush Jenkins ’62, who worked as a skip tracer for Ford Motor Company. Thank you Gloria!!! Unfortunately, she and her family are dealing with health issues and she was not able to attend our reunion.

Most importantly, I want to thank Janice Savage Raggio for her endless hard work on this Reunion of a Lifetime. She made this the best reunion EVER!!!! I really could not have done this without her! Janice did all of the location and food planning, as well as the work on our memory area at the party.  Janice is also the Treasurer AND the underwriter! She was a great partner! Tom Raggio is a very lucky man!! Thanks to him for very generously sharing her with us for this past year!

It took a village to put on this reunion and if you were not thanked here, please know that your help is most appreciated!!! Several people throughout the year have helped locate people…thank you!

Lastly, so many want to do this again in 5 years for our 55th! Since the hard work of finding most of the people has been done and our website is a great communication tool, it will be much easier to plan our next reunion. Please reply to this email if you want to be on the committee to help with the next one. Also, please respond if you have any suggestions for our next reunion. In particular, we would like to know what you thought about the location for the parties, the food, and the photo booth. The photo booth was a big chunk of change and added about $5 per person to your ticket. Was it worth it? We checked out several venues in WF for the Saturday night party – WF Country Club, Woman’s Forum, the old library, and several more. Did you like our choice of the Elk’s Club or do you have another idea? All ideas are appreciated, and in a future email, I will share the results.

If you want to order the DVD + 8x12 Class picture, please let me know asap. For those of you who have not seen the pics, please go to our website at and click on 50th Reunion Pics on the left. You can also upload your pictures from the reunion there. To order pics, go to and click “Online Ordering”.

FYI: Our Coyotes lost to Rider this weekend 24-21. Coyotes were ahead until the last quarter when Rider scored 18 points!

REMEMBER, please order a directory if you don’t have one!!!

Pictures from the reunion are up. Click on the "50th Reunion Pics" tab on the left. There are three galleries. If you double click on the first image in each gallery, it will enlarge. You can either view the slideshow (7 seconds each) or click on the arrow on the right to view faster. Images to purchase are also up at (Click Online Ordering). 

Now and Then!


Doug Armstrong & Cheri Armstrong
Kaye Barnett
Linda Bates (Barrett) & Jim Barrett
Jim Bavouset & Melanie Bavouset
Nancy Bernhardt (Flatt)
Peggy Black (Peck) & Jack Peck
Bobby Boyles & Nan Boyles
Robert Brannon & Susan Brannon
Bill Bridges
Linda Bridges (Owen)
Sandy Brooks (Searcy)
Jerry Brown
Carol Burbank (Hensley)
Bob Burke & Jo Burke
Judy Buss (Gehring) & Don Gehring
Tom Campbell
Cathy Castledine (Holland)
Rick Chaviers & Lynn Chaviers
Newell Cheatheam & Sharon Cheatheam
Donna Chick (Morris) & Johnny Morris
Ester Contreras (Ball)
Marnee Corbin (Camp) & Buddy Camp
Pat Darling (Mirrer) & Keith Mirrer
Bob Eastlake
Robert Edwards & Marion Edwards
Jerry Ferguson & Colleen Ferguson
Robert Flatt
Larry Flournoy
Kathy Foley (Odom) & David Odom
Andrea Frazee (Frentress) & Jerry Frentress
Kay Germany (Wicklander) & Gene Wicklander
Joyce Grabeel (Ambrose) & John Ambrose
Jean Greeling (Sanders)
Robin Hallford
Heather Hamilton (Tedford)
Ed Haven & Shelley Haven
Pat Hawkins & Cindy Hawkins
Paula Hays (Lively)
Becky Hickman (Richardson) & Alan Richardson
Joe Huff
Don Hughes
Vicki Hull (Fisher) & Robin Fisher
Virginia Humphrey (Joiner)
Sally Humphrey (Walsh)
Kay Isaacs (Hardin) & Jim Tom Hardin
Cheryl Johnson
Randy Johnson & Connie Johnson
Larry Karr & Vicki Karr
Dean Kirkpatrick & Mary Kirkpatrick
Sally Knight (Wetsel) & Malcolm Wetsel
Gene La Coste & Mary La Coste
Genny Lee (Harris) & Ron Harris
Harold Lerew & Karin Lerew
Elaine Leslie (Bunch) & Ron Bunch
Jerry Lindsay & Kris Lindsay
Fred Lively
David Loggie & Kathy Loggie
Nancy Lyles (Payne)
Brad Mackey & Shelly Mackey
Gary Massey & Sunny Squire Greenburg
Richard Mathews & Margaret Mathews
Joan McCarty (Souther) & Charlie Souther
Louis McKown & Karen McKown
Pat McNair (Deal) & Steve Deal
Tom Merritt
Elton Milford & Patti Milford
Lana Moore (Valenta) & Tommy Valenta
Richard Moran
Steve Neeld & Elaine Neeld
Jean Ann Niles (Karm)
Mike O’Brien
David Oliver & Claudia Oliver
Hallie Sue (Susie) Palmer (Thornhill)
Mickey Pennington
Ronnie Perdue
Carol Peterson & Steve Lewkowitz
Mary Ann Powers, Kathleen Powers, & Voda Jones
Ken Reed & Lori Trotter
Ronald Jon Reed & Paulette Reed
Jimmy Rhodes & Peggy Rhodes
Nancy Riddle (O’Brien)
Don Roberts & Joy Roberts
David Robinson & Carol Robinson
Dick Rundell & Colleen Rundell
Gloria Rush (Jenkins) - '62 & Guest
Saundra Sampson (Tucker) & Dee Tucker
L.P. Sanders & Lou Sanders

Janice Savage (Raggio) & Tom Raggio
Paul Schoonover & Kay Schoonover
Ann Searcy O'Shaunessey & Guest
James Shedeck
Pat Spencer (Seyb) & Don Seyb
Gary Sissel
Susan Smith (Holt) & Bill Holt
Shirley Steele
Gary Stephens & Toni Stref
Vickie Stonecipher (Metcalf)

Bill Stewart & Sheri Stewart
Sheryl Swaydan (Jackson) & Gary Jackson
Jerry Vaughn & Paula Vaughn ('66)

Steve Walker
Norma Watkins (Priester) & Steve Priester
Bobby Williamson
Lynn Wilson (Cockrell) & John Cockrell

Suzanne Wilson (Huffer)
Dickie Wineinger & Elaine Wineinger
Donna Wood (Landis) 
Mamie Woodward (Hurt)

Murphy Yates

44 CLINT BLACK TICKETS as of 9-20-15

Kaye Barnett -1
Linda Bates (Barrett) - 2
Peggy Black (Peck) - 2
Bobby Boyles – 2
Linda Bridges (Owen) - 1
Ester Contreras (Ball) - 1
Carol Burbank (Hensley) – 1
Tom Campbell - 2
Donna Chick (Morris) -2
Jerry Ferguson - 2
Becky Hickman (Richardson) - 2
Joe Huff - 1
Kay Issacs (Hardin) -2
Sally Knight (Wetsel) -2
Gary Massey - 2
Lana Moore (Valenta)-2
Richard Moran -1
Ronnie Perdue - 1
Don Roberts - 2
Janice Savage (Raggio) - 1
Paul Schoonover - 2
James Shedeck - 4
Gary Stephens - 2
Bill Stewart -2
Lynn Wilson (Cockrell) - 2
Donna Wood (Landis) - 1
Mamie Woodward (Hurt) - 2




We've bought our tickets! How 'bout you???

This background image will be one of several used by Snaparazzi for our Photo Booth pics!!!!




Janice Savage Raggio and Carol Burbank Hensley are heading up the 50th Reunion Committee for our class. Cathy Castledine Holland has been a great help to us as well! We hope you take the time to fill out your profile (see navigation bar at the top). If you need a copy of your yearbook photo, let us know ("Contact Us" button on the left) and we will upload it for you into your profile. Check out the fun activities we have planned for our 50th (top navigation bar).  We hope to see everyone at our reunion on the weekend of September 25/26. Hotel information is also available on the top navigation bar. We have a section called "Missing Classmates" which includes everyone who has NOT filled out a profile. Once you fill out your profile, your name will no longer be listed as missing. We have 494 classmates in our senior annual. Sadly we have found that almost 70 are deceased (see In Memory on left). We have contact information for the remaining, but we are not totally confident that the information we have is correct. Gloria Jenkins in the WFHS Class of '62 has been most helpful in locating many of our classmates. Thanks to Classmates and Facebook, many more have been located. We have a Wichita Falls High School Class of '65 Facebook page if you are on Facebook and would like to join it. We have absolutely no clues on how to find about 40 of our classmates (See "Really Missing Classmates" on the left bar). If you know anything about any of these people, please let us know. We have search dogs out for them now.

To avoid getting a lot of emails from the site, be sure to go to "Notify Me" on the left and check the boxes according to how you would like to be notified. Otherwise, you will be getting a lot of notifications as new people go online and fill out their profiles.

Notice the "Pictures from Past Reunions" and the "1965 Yearbook Pictures" tabs on the left. Please upload any pictures you have from past reunions. I attended both the 1964 50th Reunion as well as the Baby Boomer Reunion last fall. Check out the pictures in those categories.

TO DO FIRST: Be sure to click on the buttons at the top of the page. Once you go into your profile and enter the basic information, you will be removed from the missing. Tickets for the reunion may be purchased at the 50th Reunion button at the top. If you do not live in WF and need a hotel, it would be smart to go ahead and book it (Hotel Information at top). If you have a great story, a favorite memory, or just want to post a message for everyone to see, go to "Manage Classmates" on the left.

Some of our classmates at the Baby Boomer Reunion last October!














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